Our Story
Love story? Well...

Everyone loves a great love story, and Rob & Heather would love to tell you that they met in some exotic land far, far away, knowing the moment their eyes met that it would be forever. But, the reality of it is that they met via a mobile app that bombarded them both with ads on Facebook until they broke down and signed up. For years they have told each other (and everyone else) that marriage was just not their thing. So do not set high expectations for a romantic, elegant "to do" at the wedding. What you can expect is a big helping of what makes the soon-to-be-Julian-duo work. And, that key ingredient is FUN!

Oh you still want a story? Well, ok...

Our first date was to a bowling alley where Rob learned that reservations at a bowling alley are a thing because Heather nearly scared him to death with the ensuing hour an a half long conversation that took place as a result of not having those reservations. Then Rob had to also live through Heather's incredibly disturbing and disastrous bowling "game". At least she made him laugh, right?

A few weeks later, Heather was in the Big Apple and, by losing her phone, realized Rob might have left more of an impact on her than she expected. He was the first number she was worried might have been lost forever and the first text she sent after dragging her sister to spend two hours in the Times Square AT&T store during their quick weekend get-a-way.

In no time, Rob was telling his mom about Heather after a rained out date to the Dallas St Patrick's Day Parade turned into breakfast at Barbeck's and a day at the DMA instead. (That was also the beginning of their dangerous/annoying/joyous traveling selfie habit that you all have to put up with on Facebook.)

Now thousands of miles of travel and hundreds of selfies later, these two FINALLY have decided they might just be a great pair. So, they are taking the ultimate trip - down the aisle!

The Wedding

Tuesday, May 29, 2018
6:00 PM
Attire: Beach Casual Wear & Shoes Optional
Grayton Dunes Beach
30°19'39.6"N 86°09'56.1"W
Grayton Dunes Beach
30°19'39.6"N 86°09'56.1"W
Parking near the wedding location includes only 4 public spaces, so please park at Grayton Corners. For your GPS, enter Grayton General Store, 32 E County Hwy 30A # A, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459. From there, take the shuttle to The Red Bar. It is about one block from The Red Bar to the beach. We will have a golf cart to shuttle guests from The Red Bar to the beach for those that need a little help. (Reception meal includes a low country shrimp boil. Chicken strips and mac and cheese are available for the kids and kids at heart.)

The Unofficial Official After Party
Tuesday, May 29, 2018
10:30 PM
The Red Bar
70 Hotz Avenue, Grayton Beach, FL 32459, USA

Join the bride and groom for more music, dancing and laughs at the best local bar in Grayton Beach.

Wedding Party

Lulu Julian - Bridesmaid

Lulu is our smart, beautiful and spunky 11 year old Student Council President and only daughter.

Kristi - Bridesmaid

Kristi, the bride's younger sister and web coding guru, is the only adult in the bridal party that CAN actually make a joyful noise.

Ashlee - Bridesmaid
The baby of the 3 sisters, Ashlee is a RN and shares the bride's ability to make grown men cry when she sings. (The comedian in the background is Ashlee's oldest, Cam.)
Beth - Bridesmaid

Beth is the bride's partner in selfie crime and reason she is now a Hockey addict. (Go Stars. Stanley Cup 2019 or bust!)

Ryleigh - Flower Girl

Ryleigh, the daughter of our nephew, Ryan, is the youngest fashionista on record and packs more cute per square inch than you thought was ever imaginable.

Ben - Best Man
Always the life of any party, Ben has been vying for the Best Man post since before we ever thought we would ever be married. So pretty much this is all about him.
Chris - Groomsman
Chris, a financial analyst, is our oldest son and will be working overtime in the ceremony giving away the bride and serving as a groomsman.
Jack - Groomsman
An athlete, a musician, a scholar, and our newest teen to the family, Jack is the least excited about the wedding - well at least the standing still part.